Pressure washers help us remove dirt or stains from unattractive and unhygienic surfaces. Some of these stains are challenging, and some surfaces are quite tough to handle. Pressure washers do the job right using high-pressurized water. The water is forced out of the machine onto the surface to dislodge the dirt, whether hot or cold. Other than allowing water to pass through them, the nozzle regulates pressure within the pressure cleaner. Any nozzle that’s fitted correctly produces the ideal output pressure. But how do you get the right nozzle? This article explains ways to pick a proper pressure washer nozzle.

How to choose a pressure cleaner nozzle

A too-small nozzle causes excessive pressure within the cleaner machine, affecting its components. A nozzle bigger than the connection point affects the pressure washer’s performance. It’s because the pressure level is so low that no dirt can come off surfaces. Make sure you use the proper nozzle before pressure cleaning.

1. Consider the spray angle of the pressure washer nozzle

Different nozzles have different spray angles based on the role. These angles determine the amount of pressure the machine will have at that moment. High pressure has advantages and disadvantages. One main benefit is that you can clean even the toughtest of stains and get spotless surfaces. A significant downside is the high-pressure ruins objects and surfaces if water is sprayed from the wrong angle.

The 0-degree angle has the highest pressure. It’s so powerful that most people avoid it unless it’s necessary. Contractors blasting concrete may use it, and the open site is better than being in a home environment. Spray angles between 15 and 40 degrees are the best. They are potentially safer than the latter and still provide a good cleaning outcome.

2. The surface to be sprayed by the pressure washer nozzle

The surface is a great determiner of the nozzle you choose. Surfaces can be polished, stained, painted, rough, smooth, etc. The wrong nozzle can ruin these surfaces in relation to the spray angle. For example, too much pressure will destroy the painted surfaces. It will peel form, forcing you to seek painting services after pressure washing. Always start with the largest spray angle as you narrow it down to the best one for your cleaning need. If the object can withstand the maximum pressure levels, then go for it. But, you must be familiar with both the machine and surface to make such a decision.

3. The PSI of the pressure washer nozzle

Nozzles regulate the water pressure of the machine. Nevertheless, not all can withstand a high PSI. Identify the maximum pressure the washer machine can handle before fixing the nozzle attachment. Then, find a nozzle to match or take that pressure level. Failure to do this causes the pressure washer to malfunction or underperform.


Nozzles are a big part of pressure cleaners. Choosing the correct one for your machine is so beneficial. A wrong size pressure nozzle can negatively affect the pressure cleaner and direct surfaces. Always consider the PSI they can handle, the surface to pressure wash, and the spray angle. The latter is critical as you need to keep everything safe, away from the high pressure.

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