The ring that is often referred to as Lucifer ring is one that Lucifer Morningstar took with him to Earth and continues to wear at all times. Although Lucifer admits that he mostly preserves it as a memento of his old buddy Lilith, legend has it that it once held the secret to the demon Lilith’s immortality.


Before it came into the ownership of Lucifer Morningstar, the ring belonged to Lilith. Before she was sent out of the Garden of Eden by God, Lilith stole the stone that was set in the ring’s center. In subsequent years, Lilith fashioned the stone into this beautiful ring. Both this ring and the Pentecostal Coin were the only two items that Lucifer carried with him to earth when he arrived here. Even though he isn’t wearing anything else, Lucifer keeps it on. Since Amenadiel considered Lucifer to be God’s Favorite Son in the story “Sympathy for the Goddess,” he first felt that this ring, which Lucifer usually wore, was the key to the Flaming Sword. In the episode “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy,” Lucifer is left asleep and alone in the desert after being knocked out. Except for this ring and the jeans he was wearing, all of his belongings were taken away from him.

In the episode It Never Ends Well for the Chicken, Lucifer tells Trixie Espinoza in the form of a story that the ring had belonged to Lilith in the past and that Lilith had sought Lucifer’s assistance in order to retrieve the ring after it had been stolen. Lucifer also reveals that Lilith had asked for his assistance in order to retrieve the ring. After Lilith makes the decision to relinquish her immortality, she transforms the white stone in the ring into a black one by placing it within the ring. She then gives the ring to Lucifer, who starts to wear it.

Trixie, who is living in the present, is astounded to discover that the ring still contains Lilith’s immortality, and Lucifer, who is laughing, confirms that this is the case. I think it does. Although, as far as I’m concerned, the only thing that makes it exceptional is the fact that it brings back memories of an old acquaintance. When Lucifer reaches Heaven in A Chance at a Happy Ending in order to rescue Chloe Decker’s soul, he comes to the realization that the immortality of Lilith, which is contained inside the ring, is protecting him from being destroyed when he breaks his exile and returns to Earth. However, the strength of Heaven swiftly removes the protection against immortality, and Lucifer is left in a weakened condition as a result.

When Lucifer finally locates Chloe, there will only be enough power for one of them to use.

Lucifer is able to resuscitate Chloe by bestowing upon her his ring, which contains the last remnants of Lilith’s immortality, while Lucifer himself is consumed by fire as a consequence for violating the terms of his exile. When Chloe wakes on Earth, Lucifer’s ring is still on her finger where he had left it in Heaven. The stone in the ring has reverted to the pure white color that it had before Lilith had infused her immortality into it. In the episode Partners Til the End, when Chloe almost dies from a knife wound for the second time, Lucifer reminds her that he does not have another life-saving ring, so he asks her to please be more cautious the next time.

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